Going to NYC to VOTE

By now, everyone and their mother has heard of Chavez’s death. Right? Right! I was on my way to Portugal when I heard they finally decided to come clean and admit to the world that Chavez was actually gone. We all know this happened back in December in Cuba, but alas, now we can actually get the country going again, because they finally came out and made it public.

So what does this mean for Venezuela? That marramusiadas aside, elections are being called for again in April. April 14th, our candidate, the same one who ran against Chavez in October, will be running against Maduro. El flaquito, as people call him por cariño, or Henrique Capriles Radonski, his given name, will run again for presidency. And Venezuelan’s will have a second chance to make things right. This is it people, this is the chance we have been waiting for for 14 years (!), and we are going to take it, by the horns!

Mike and I are flying to NY Friday April 12 at night (after all the work and meetings we have that day) and coming back April 15 in the morning, to teach and work some more. Hopefully, we will come back with a huge smile on our faces and filled with hope for the prospect of a better future for Venezuela. If you are Venezuelan, go vote! Yes, imperatively, go VOTE. I’m flying to NYC again (not that I need a good reason to go back home) just to do that. So can you. VOTE. Just VOTE.


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