Much needed rest

Hello! How was your St Paddy’s Day? Ours was glorious, we did nothing. After all the stress I’ve been under with the student/teaching drama I’ve been immersed in (I still owe you that story), and the trip and traveling, and then mercury retrograde doing it’s thing, I really needed some time off to just veg and relax with my boys at home. And that’s exactly what we did this weekend. I stepped out into the world only three times the entire weekend, twice to walk the dogs with Mike, one of those times I was practically forced to go because I hadn’t gone out all day, and then the other outing was to Target/Home Depot/Gas Station for food, light bulbs and well, gas.

My fridge and cupboards were completely bare. I had been eating out all week, since I had gone through the remains of food left from before the trip. I got $215 worth of food, so this weekend we cooked and ate in a lot. We made medallones de lomito wrapped in bacon, with garlic mushrooms and broccoli with cheese. We also made guacamole and had some fruit, I’ve been missing fruit, and then on Sunday we made our famous chicken curry with white rice. It was all delicious. I like it when we are successful and our home-cooked meals taste just as good and sometimes even better than those we have at restaurants.

Mike, who is an angel that way, took the boys for most of their weekend walks, so I could stay in and sleep a little longer or just rest. So I did quite a bit of that. I seem tired these days. My lower back has been hurting and for some reason my butt and legs hurt as if I had exercise, but we all know I have not. It might be from too much inactivity, sitting and laying around. I can’t wait for Spring to come, actually, what I’m longing for is summer. It’s still freezing cold in these parts and snowing occasionally too. It’s March, but we all know winter lasts through April in Chicago, if not more. So we need to wait a little longer, in a months’ time it will be warm enough for me to go out for walks/jogs and start exercising again. I need it, my body is achingly asking for it.

For now though, I am happy to proclaim to the world mercury is not retrograde any more. Mercury is moving forward, hallelujah! I’m usually mindful of mercury retrograde, but more often than not I go through it unharmed. This time, not so much. This time traveling, at least on my way there, was quite challenging, also I got locked out of my car, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet (thankfully it’s fine), I dropped my iPhone on my foot which hurt like hell and left a bruise, my students lost their work on their computer, one of them totaled their laptop and had to buy a new one, another totaled their car and then got a flat in a second car, one got mugged, and another was in an accident, and communication overall was just bad.

I also felt overwhelmed, sad, and very angry at times. I fell into dooms-day mode and revised (I still am doing this) what I do and why I do it. It’s been reflective with bits of despair, amongst the digital/communication havoc. But now it’s over, and I cannot be happier about it. As I said, I still need to keep revising and figuring out some things about my work and career in general, but the negative, overarching influence of mercury retrograde is gone, and now I can do this more like myself, and less like the crazy mess I’ve been because of this influence in the past weeks.

How are you? Was mercury nice to you? Or do you have horror stories to share too?


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