Ok, so I’m totally posting one blog post a month, although I really don’t want to be doing this. I don’t plan to abandon the blog, far from it. In fact, I mean to revamp it some how, I’m even thinking of having a professional designer take a stab at it and host it on a private server, that allows me to post as many photos as I want. But none of that has happened yet, well, because, I’m swamped! Really, I’m not exaggerating here. This quarter is kicking my butt work-wise.

Between the classes I’m teaching, the student teachers I’m supervising and the independent study student I’m tutoring, I barely have time for anything else. But we all know an academic position never begins and ends with just teaching, prepping, and grading. No siree, there’s always more, a boat load more. I’ve been working a ton for the ECE program I belong to, preparing for an upcoming state program evaluation; I’ve been attending meetings for the CLR (Center for Latino Research) for which I’m a board member and the Diálogo journal for which I’m part of the editorial advising board; and have been working a bit for the Faculty Council, for which of course, I’m the un-tenured rep.  And to top that off, I’ve been working on two book chapters I’m coauthoring, and been analyzing data and writing findings for the paper I’m presenting at the conference in Portugal next week, because yeah, I’m flying out to Lisbon next Wednesday and coming back Sunday, but not before stopping for layovers in NY, London, and Madrid. How’s that for a quick conference trip? Let’s not talk about how exhausted I’ll be when I come back, because that’s just going to take all the fun out of it, and I really want to enjoy this trip.

On the personal side, there have been birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to buy presents for and celebrate. I also regained my urge for writing in my journal, so that’s been happening a bit (at least I’m writing somewhere!), and I have been meditating daily for 10 minutes too. I’m into tarot a bit again, and I did a 25 day intuition boost email program that had my intuition juices activated, which is always fun. I bought a pendulum I still need to start using and a couple books about crystal ball reading, because I want to get into that next. Because who has ever heard of a respectable bruja without a crystal ball? Not me.

So you see, my hands, head, and time are quite full these days. I have to say though, I’m not feeling overly stressed. This weekend was the first weekend I worked since the year began. My motto, ever since Mike and I started dating, has been work Monday through Friday and relax and enjoy being with my boys over the weekend. Since I don’t get to see them during the week, I want to spend as much time possible of the weekend with them. And this year it really has been the case. I work long hours during the week and free my weekends up, but this particular weekend, in preparation for not being here more than half of next week because of the conference trip, I had to work for quite some time yesterday and today. But that’s ok, as long as that is not the customary M.O. and doesn’t happen but once a trimester or so, we’re good.

March promises to be a busy as well. After I come back from the conference on the 10th, I have the end of the quarter coming up, and with it a heap of grading. I have to prepare my syllabi and online platforms for the 3 course I’m teaching in Spring, and I have my 3rd year review also taking place in March for which I need to prep, and write, and organize. Three years have passed (well, technically in August) already since I moved from NY and started working here, three years!!

There, a little recap of what February looked like and where March is headed. I have all these post topics in my head I want to write about, hopefully I will have more free time in March to do so. Maybe if I get into a routine of writing in the blog at night, it might happen more often, we’ll see, For now, know that I’m still here and I have no intention of completely disappearing, even if , for now, it means I’m only here once a month. Bare with me, I will be back, in the mean time you can tell me about you a bit, and maybe give me some ideas of how I can make this blog a little more attractive (write more!, yeah, I know…).

I’ll be back once I return from Portugal. I’m sure I’ll want to share that experience with you. I’m hoping it will be grand, but since Mercury is retrograde (brace yourselves!), anything can happen while traveling really, so we’ll see. For now, cheers! Onward and upward!


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