Just breathe

I am a doer, an action taker, a go-getter, a thinker, a planner, a problem solver, a pretty good mediator, and a negotiator.

But sometimes all you can do is just breathe, and that is ok too.

Just breathe.

Sometimes you gotta let go, and remember to keep on breathing.



2 responses to “Just breathe

  1. Being still is, by far, the hardest and best thing I will ever learn and continue to learn.

    • It is! I’m trying to get back into the habit of meditating for at least 10 minutes each morning,as soon as I wake up, which is not necessarily the time of day which I most need to be still, but it sets the tone for the day, and like it happened today, sometimes I get these brilliant insights and just run to the computer to write afterwards because I just got the best idea for something I’m working on. It just works!

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