Well, if I keep this up, by then end of this year I will have only written 12 posts, one per month. I hope that’s not the case. I want to find time to write here, not because I think you all can’t live without reading about my very interesting life ;), but because writing here has always been an outlet for me, and has been a way of sharing my thoughts with others, and hearing back from you. I do appreciate the input.

I any case, it is February already. This first trimester is flying by. And I kind of like it. I have so much on my plate right now, I feel like I’m tired and stressed most of the time, so aside from the fact that I like accomplishments, finished projects, and crossing things off my to-do lists, I would really like this trimester to be over already. Well, to be frank I would love it if it were just June already.

The conference in Lisbon was on hold for a a few days there, and when I thought I might not be going because there had been a mix-up and I was not on the conference’s program as a speaker, I felt relieved. A part of me knows how stressful it will be to travel during week 9 of the trimester, to Europe for 5 days, and come back to a full load of work jet-lagged, and thus really, really, really doesn’t want to do it. But the mix-up was sorted out and I’m back on the program, bought my ticket and am going to Portugal in March… yippy! (sense the irony in my voice?)

I’m tired. Not bitter, just tired. I need to sleep a bit. But February promises to be busy, very busy. Aside from everything work related (my class load this term is absolutely crazy), February holds several holidays and family festivities that makes things a little more packed than I would like. My parent’s birthdays are in February, and this year they are spending it in Venezuela, and I so would like to go and celebrate with them there, but…. time and money are not on my side. February is also Valentine’s day, which we celebrate, Charlie’s birthday, which we don’t really celebrate but do acknowledge, and our anniversary. The actual anniversary was yesterday. Two years! But we are celebrating it on Saturday night, with dinner at the same restaurant we had our first date, and where we celebrate year one. Time flies I tell you, just flies.

So there, aside from being overly scheduled and loaded with work, tired and stressed, and sometimes not in the best of moods (my patience is dwindling), everything else seems to be fine. I mean we have jobs, we have health, we have healthy, happy families, and we really cannot complain too much. So I won’t. Although, I have this post in mind, about my students (complaining about my students), that I want to write… aren’t you excited for that? 😉 I kid. But I would like to hear your input on how to deal with disappointment in students due to high expectation on my part and lack of manners and care on theirs. But that’s for another day. For now, I hope your February has started on a good note and I hope it gets better and better.


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