January is almost over and I just realized, this right here, today, January 21st is my first blog post of 2013. I dropped the blogging ball, definitely. And to tell you the truth, aside form being extremely busy at work  (really packed and promises to continue packed at least until April), I don’t have any other reason why I’ve done so.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The not being able to post photos is one big reason I’ve veered from blogging. I have not quite figured out what I want to do to continue with the blog and be able to upload media without it being ridiculously expensive. I heard some ideas some time back when I wrote about this, but if you have any insights, I’m all ears.

Anyway, there’s more to blogging than posting photos and not being able to post them has actually forced me to write more. Less often, mind you. But what I mean is that when I do post it’s all text, so in a sense I do write more.

The year began and I had to hit the ground running. This term I am teaching two courses, three sections in total, one of which is in the Loop campus, and supervising 3 student teachers. I also have a student doing an independent study with me, and am in the field quite a lot observing, meeting and supervising students. I had to turn in my annual review for merit last week. Thank goodness that’s done, it had been on the to-do list for weeks now. I am working on the final report of the research project for which I was on teaching leave last term. And I am also working on a book review I need to turn in by the end of January. And that’s just my alone work. I also have a few committees I am on, which have met and worked on projects, and then the program, department, and college faculty meetings that take place every month. It’s a lot I tell you, a lot. And that’s not mentioning the book I need to be writing, for which I have a signed legally binding contract… yikes! I haven’t forgotten about that, I’m just not working on it at the moment.

So you see busy is an understatement, and as I said before, it won’t slow down at least until April, because I also have two conferences to attend this quarter, one this week and the next one the first week of March and that one is in Europe (!). I’m excited about going to Europe, but I have to say that going for such a long trip two weeks before the term ends is not the best planning at all. And I’m not even thinking of the jet lag I might get both traveling there and coming back. But I am optimistic everything will get done and everything will be successful.

On another topic, the apartment is looking really nice. We had our house warming party the first weekend of January, while my parents were still in town, and it was fun. The food turned out really good, in fact we have been making that pork loin recipe and handing it out to people who have asked for it, several times since then. Friends, family, coworkers, and new neighbors stopped by and we all had a good time. If you couldn’t make it, just let me know next time you’re in town so we can welcome you and offer you something to drink.

I promised updated photos of the place, but I guess I’ll have to post them to FB until I resolve what to do about photos here. But believe me it feels like home. I like the way it has turned out. This past weekend we took down Christmas, and suddenly the place looks so big without the tree in the living room. Doesn’t that always happens in January? Once the tree is gone, it seems like a brand new place because of the sudden open space. I was this close to buying a big plant to put in that space, but Mike convinced me otherwise. It’s always a little sad to see Christmas go, but it was time. We waited a little too long actually and now all the tree recycling places have closed up and Mike had to take the tree to dispose of somewhere in the suburbs.

We did a lot of relaxing, TV watching, cooking, some groceries shopping and one visit to the movies this weekend. We saw Zero Dark Thirty. Really good, I didn’t think I would like it as much, but same as The Hurt Locker (from the same director: Kathryn Bigelow), it was a movie I did not regret seeing and brought some food for thought and discussion afterwards.

So how have you been? How’s your January coming along? Any new news? I have been reading blogs, so I think I’m up to date with you, if you blog. But if you don’t, wouldn’t you just update me on how you are? I would love to hear from you.


6 responses to “January

  1. It sounds like you are so busy, and that things are going great anyway (because of? In spite of? 🙂 ). I am not sure I could keep up with that schedule! As for the pictures, you could always post them somewhere else and then link to them here. Flickr? At least we follow each other on Instagram so I see some of your adventures. 🙂

    • I was thinking about being so busy the other day, and I think it is because I have a lot to do that everything gets done, it just has to be done, there’s no way around it. I’m not feeling overwhelmed, at least not right now. The first week back at work was rough, but last week was ok, even though I did get the stomach flu and had to miss work/class on Wednesday. I think that as long as I tackle one thing at a time and not over-stress myself with the lingering to-do list, I’ll be ok.
      Yep, instagram and FB are great for photos, but I just might to bite the bullet and start linking to flickr… the blog with no photos just seems weird.

  2. Where in Europe do you have to go to?
    Have been busy too. Not really writing a lot. I had my written exams last week and have to do a presentation next Tuesday and a spoken exam on Wednesday. Then it’s finally over!!!

    We fetched my new car on Monday morning but it is in the garage as we brought in it right away to have the underbody sealed again. My husband works for BMW and he knows how they seal the cars and he says it’s not good enough and we should do it to really protect the car from rust.
    So I will finally fetch my new car for good on Thursday after work. 🙂

  3. The conference is in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m very excited to visit a new place, but not so thrilled about the whole traveling so far bit, mostly because it’s a very short trip.
    You seem to be very busy too. Hope all goes well with those exams.
    How exciting that you are getting your new car soon. And it’s a BMW, wow! I’m sure you’ll love and enjoy it tons once you have it.

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