Happy New Year!

I was just looking over last year’s post for December 31st to see what my resolution, goal or wish was back then for 2012, to see how I had fared. And guess what? I had only one goal and that was to BELIEVE. I realized, back then, I had hope things would occur as I wanted them too, but when it came down to it, I didn’t really believe they actually would. So the goal was to trust the plan, let go and let God, and believe.

I don’t know if I accomplished this 100%, but I do know I live in the here and now much more now. I’m not really concerned with the future or what is to come, or if what I want will come at all, and I think I am much happier for it. So if I want, I guess, I could call that trust. Trust in whatever is to come because I’m not really concerned or worried about it. Do I believe? I guess so. I believe I am right where I need to be. I am living the experiences I was intended to, and whatever good or bad occurs, does so for a reason, to fit into the plan, to help me learn from it, to make me, as an end result, a better person. I’ve always believed this in theory, but know I am finally at a point in which I am living it. And I think this is a pretty good accomplishment. Suddenly I feel a little bit proud 🙂

So I’m thinking hard about what I want 2013 to be and I guess I still don’t quite know. I want to be happy, and I know that is entirely up to me, so I guess that could be something I can work on. Letting go of little day to day things bothering me, and just being happy, content with what is, content with the good, the here, the available. And to tell the truth, the here and the available is usually pretty darn good.

I wish you the best for this new year. I wish that you believe that whatever is, is for a reason. And I wish you, above everything else, allow yourself to be happy. Believe and be happy. And Happy New Year 2013!


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