Merry Christmas

I’m spending Christmas in Chicago, with Mike and his family. This is the first time in, I don’t know how long, I’m not spending Christmas with my family (i.e. my parents). It’s a little sad to tell the truth, but my parents are coming over the 26th and will be here for New Years, and until the 7th of January. So I guess it’s all good.

Our plans are to have dinner just the four of us (Mike, Max, Charley and me) at my place on the 24th. Roast pork and baked potatoes are on the menu for Christmas eve. We plan to give ourselves our gifts and maybe head over to mass, either after or before dinner.

On the 25th, Christmas day, the plan is to visit Mike’s sister and her family, and then head over to his brother’s place for a get-together. At some point I guess we are also spending time with his dad and step-mom who will be in town, we will probably see them at the get-together, so there’s always that. And then head back to the city when all the celebrations are over.

Then my parents arrive on the 26th. We are picking them up at the airport and bringing them to see and stay at the new digs. We have plans to eat out, visit the light show at the zoo, see the decorations downtown, cook in, go out on New Years Eve, and then have a home-warming party in January (if you’re in town, please come over on the 5th, we’ll be here drinking and eating from 3 to 8pm). And if you have any must-dos in Chicago in the holidays, please share, I’m sure my parents will enjoy exploring.

So those are our plans for these coming weeks. What are yours? Are you staying put or traveling this year?  In any case, have a very merry Christmas, and I hope it turns out to be all you wished for.


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