Not feeling the Card bit

I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday. The decorations, the gifts, the food, the getting together with family and friends, and then the religious aspect of it too. What’s not to love? Every year, within my immediate family, we circulate a wish-list for everyone to select from and buy gifts people really want. And then we go online, buy them, and ship them. It’s just easier that way.

Another annual tradition of mine is to send Christmas cards. Every year I make a list of everyone I want to send a card to and take my time picking a card I like. I have people all around the globe I usually mail cards to, and even though I might not have seen them in quite some time, it makes me happy that at least once a year, around this time, I reach out and say “hey! I’m still think fondly of you and wish you well”. But this year, I’m just not feeling it. Not that I’m not thinking of people and wishing them well, but I just, for some unknown reason, don’t feel like sending Christmas cards. Isn’t that weird? I mean, I have a Christmas tree, I’ve bought my presents, I’ve decorate my new place and feel Christmassy… yet, the card bit, I’m just not into it. Why?

I received a card from Mike’s mom and thought “the least I can do is respond, and send at least her a card”. So I did. But then what about everyone else? So I wrote one for my parents and my sister and her family. And sent those. And the rest of the people? What about them? I don’t know. Right now I’m not into it, but who knows, maybe I’ll come around, thankfully there’s still time.

The mysteries of being me, I tell you. Forty years I’ve been living and getting to know myself, and yet I surprise me every now and then. Let me just say this (just in case I don’t come around), if you are used to receiving a Christmas card from me every year, and this one you don’t, don’t take it personally, it’s totally me, not you.


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