Well, it’s that most awaited day with the apparently significant date of 12/12/12. Have you read about the Mayas and the end of the world hypothesis? People call it a theory, but for something to be considered a theory, data must have been gathered, and hypothesis must have been proven, and then voila, it’s a theory. Since this is just a hunch, an inkling, an interpretation, I’m sticking to hypothesis and refuse to call it a theory. Ok? Ok.

I don’t believe the world will come to an end. But it might come to an end as we know it energy wise. And for those who claim this as an unavoidable fact, apparently the change of energies is all positive. We are, or already have been, moving into the light, the love, the positive flow of energy, and even though we cannot see it, and it most likely will not affect daily life as we know it, it’s magic it working behind the scenes and slowly, but surely, it will make it’s way through.

I believe in magic, and miracles, and higher powers. I believe in human beings willing events to occur with the power of their minds and the channeling of their positive energy. I think this is a great opportunity to focus on the good, the positive, the wonderful in our lives and bubble it in, as well as shine it outward. This is a chance to shine. So go on people, be happy, feel happy, spread the happy, and shine. You know you have it in you. You know you do. Know let it rip!


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