Being an adult

Can you believe December is here already? I know, I know, everyone is saying that, but really, time just flew. From August forward everything is kind of a blur, all mixed up. I have done a ton of stuff that’s for sure. Especially since I moved in, I feel like I have not stopped and I am physically exhausted… and there is still stuff to do. Believe me, it never ends, there’s always some project to complete and something to improve in this grownup life. I posted updated photos on FB last week, but this weekend we got the study and the guest room, well, guest ready. It’s looking quite put together now, even though it’s not all the way done yet. The big stuff seems to be in place, we still need to get some more art up on the walls, but so far it’s looking good. I’ll post updated photos onto FB again sometime this week.

The Christmas tree is also done and looking great. We got a big white pine tree. It’s bushy and tall, and the needles are longer so it’s easy to see them and pick them up when they fall, which seems to be never, so that’s always a plus. The only downside is it doesn’t really smell all that much. So next year we might reconsider and go with another type of tree.

The Christmas spirit has me longing for family and wishing I was in NY with the kiddos. And in thinking about them I been remembering the darn-est things they say and how they can always bring a smile to my face. I’ll share a gem with you:

In talking about what makes a person an adult and how to recognize them, I asked both Nick and Soph this question when they were around 4 or 5 years old, “What is an adult?”

Nick: A person who is married and has kids.

Soph: A person that lives on her own and can eat whatever they want!

You can see there personalities in their responses, can’t you? I sure love those kids. The conservative one, and the avant-garde feminist one too 😉

What have you been up to?


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