It’s my birthday today. I officially turn 40 and to tell you the truth it doesn’t feel any different than being in my thirties, except for the fact I have the undeniable sensation this will be my best decade yet. I turn forty just having purchased a new apartment and getting a publishing offer to turn my dissertation work into a book. It’s all pretty good if you ask me. Add to that that I have the best family, a great boyfriend, and two crazy, yet adorable dogs, and you could say I have it made. Speaking of which, they are staying in IL while Mike flies me away to Puerto Rico to celebrate my birthday. I couldn’t be luckier or happier for that matter, with Mike and my life right now. Forty is looking as great as anything I could ever imagine it to be. So raise your glasses and let’s toast to 40, to life, to love, to health. May it be grand!


6 responses to “40

  1. Happy birthday again. I didn’t realize you turned the big 4-0!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Better late then never. Happy belated birthday!!!
    I was on holiday and am just catching up on all the Blogs, etc.


  3. Sarah-Jane Threipland

    Jen, I haven’t seen your blog for so long because your last one closed…nice to see you again and to see your new one! I’m happy for you too, new boyfriend, new life in IL> and a birthday to celebrate, so cool. Hope you had a good time! thesarjent 🙂


    • Hi! Welcome back to this here forgotten blog. I have been MIA lately, life has gotten way too busy and I have had no time to write about it. But I am glad you are back. The birthday trip was great, we had a great time. And yeah, you’re right, my life has changed quite a bit since I lived in NYC: new job, new city, new boyfriend, and now new house. Everything is good though and for that I am very thankful. I’m glad you’re back!


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