Closing today

I got back from New York Tuesday afternoon. I owe you an update on my trip (it was great), my time there and what I did (I had a wonderful time, NY is definitely home to me), and the results from the voting in the Venezuelan presidential elections (a total bust, I was depressed and am still pissed off about the results).

I have been cramped with work since I got back, and though many good things are happening and I have gotten several good news on projects I’ve been working on, I am beat, and now because it has taken a toll on me, I seem to be coming down with a cold (noooo!!!).

But today is my condo closing (!!!), so as of this afternoon I will be the proud owner (in-dept/paying off) of an apartment I am very much looking forward to call home.

I’ll come back to tell my stories, but for now wish me luck and may this investment be a good and prosperous one! 🙂


2 responses to “Closing today

  1. Congrats on closing!

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