Happy October

Can you believe it’s October already? We had our first department meeting last week and to break the ice and welcome us back our chair handed out a list of country song titles to choose from to represent our summer. I was like, Summer? What summer? It went by so quickly I don’t think I really processed all I did or didn’t do. I know I didn’t do all the to-dos on the summer work list, that’s for sure. I know I went to Miami for 3 weeks and had surgery. And I know I spent all July and most of August looking at apartments. I know I moved from my old place, to a storage room and then to Mike’s place the first of September, and that I am still waiting to close on the place I initially put an offer in on august 10th. But other than those big things, everything else seems like a blur.

There were fun things, for sure. We went to Michigan for a weekend. We went to Buffalo State Park another weekend, and celebrated birthday’s at Mike’s mom’s place in Wisconsin. And more recently we went antiquing to St Charles. We went to the beach at the lake once and to a Sox game. We went out to restaurants, a bbq, and even to a club with friends. Mike played golf, I read for fun, and we walked the dogs again and again. We actually did a lot in the summer, but it seems like it was ages ago, so when asked to pick a country song title I went with “I should be sleeping” because ever since I got Max, sleep is something I don’t get nearly enough of. It has nothing really to do with summer, although I didn’t get much sleep then either, but its what I would complain about if someone asked.

Anyway, October is here and it’s going to be a jammed packed month. It started last weekend with Megan’s birthday which we celebrated going out. Unfortunately, on the drive back I got a ticket for speeding (!!!) yeah, not good. But don’t worry, I learned my lesson, and that won’t define October, nope, October just gets better.

This coming weekend I’m going to New York for 6 days (yahookitie!! I’m so excited about this) to vote in the Venezuelan presidential elections, and of course see friends and family, and walk the city my soul misses so very much. When I come back I am up to my ears in work for a few days and then the closing is supposed to take place on Friday the 12th. I need to arrange for the place to be painted and maybe redo the wooden floors, and then I get to move in, so I don’t have a set move-in date quite yet. Plus this time Mike and I are doing it without hired help (!), meaning we will rent a truck and move things from the storage unit to my place. I think we might request Scott, Mike’s brother, help, and anyone who wants to pitch in really. Or maybe I will end up hiring a guy or two, we’ll see.

In October, the weekend after the closing, we also have Scott and Mary’s rehearsal dinner, and wedding the day after. Mike has the bachelors party the weekend before that, and the weekend after their wedding is my birthday. My 40th birthday, mind you. So we are going to Puerto Rico for 4 days to celebrate! I’m really excited about this too.

So you see October is packed with a lit bit of everything. I will try to keep you posted, although for some reason I have not been blogging too much lately. I hope you keep me posted too, and may it be one heck of a month for all!


2 responses to “Happy October

  1. Sounds like fun.
    We are finally going on our long awaited holiday on the 18th of October.
    And. I. Can’t. Wait!!!

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