A tight back to work

Now that I’m all packed and moved, and that it is officially September (Happy September you all!), I have to get on it with work. Yesterday, after Mike headed out for work, I ventured over to the Shorewood Library. They have free wifi and usually libraries are quiet, so I figured it would be a great place to work from.

I got dressed in casual work clothes, leaving the summer dress and capris behind, just to make it official work mode. I wanted to feel like I was really ready to work and not just lounging around at the library. But guess what? My pants, those that used to fit quite snug because of that extra weight I’ve gained in the past two years, are now really tight, I mean tummy-ache-inducing tight. I had to change pants twice to find a pair that was somewhat ok. SIGH.

Of course the hotdog and fries I had for lunch and the mid afternoon ice cream I had for snack yesterday are not doing me any favors today. Why is it so hard to eat right? Why are great meals fattening? Why can’t we just eat to our hearts content and not gain extra weight? Ah, the real life-pondering questions.

I need to lose wait ASAP, it’s either that or buy all new size 6 pants and I don’t have the budget or the lack of vanity for that. So eat healthier it is. That and start exercising again. It’s been over 2 months since my surgery back in June, and I am now feeling up to jogging again (I tried it on Monday a little bit when we took the boys to Hammel Woods), so I need to get myself in some kind of exercising regime as well as start minding what I eat.

Ah September, why do you have to be so predictable: beginning of the school year with a new diet/exercise regime. It seems to always be the case around this month, at least for me.

Anyhow, I have a long list of to-dos that carried over from summer, so here’s hoping that my pants allow for concentrating without much pain, and my realtor, loan agent, lawyer, insurance agent, and banks don’t keep calling/emailing every 5 minutes wanting something from me, and actually allow me to be productive with work. I’m loving buying my own place, but it has really taken over my life, and I need to get it back!

Yesterday was not really work productive. I didn’t actually get to the one thing I was striving for. But today I am letting calls go to voice mail and answering emails in my break times, while I finish this book prospective I need to get done and out. I hope you are being productive and I really hope your pants fit comfortably, because working with a tummy ache is close to impossible.


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