I Moved

I just realized that in the month of August I only posted 4 times to this here blog. I don’t think that had happened since 2005 when I started it. Yikes! In my defense I have been swamped, this buying a condo, packing and moving has taken over my life and it’s not over yet, no siree, not even close.

On Saturday I drove out to Mike’s early in the morning to drop off the last of my stuff that was to come with me to Minooka. Mike and I then drove back into the city to meet the movers, who had already called to say they could come earlier than scheduled (first movers ever to want to come earlier!). Well, Isaac hit the Midwest on Saturday and it rained cats and dogs in the suburbs, so our drive to and from Minnoka to Chicago took way longer than planned. There was also a football game in Soldier Field and a jazz festival going on in Millennium Park, and of course my move was schedule for the only day of the week it rained and one in which the city was mad with closed streets and traffic jams. C’est la vie, I guess.

In any case, the movers were waiting for us as we drove onto my street and from that moment forward, they were wild fast. It took 4 hours total to pack and close up the last few boxes, move everything I own two flights down and put then into the truck, drive 30 minutes uptown to the storage unit, unload everything in the truck, and neatly organize it so it would fit in a 10 x 10 square foot space.

Everything I own, except for what I have at Mike’s is in that storage unit. I pulled down the santa maria door, locked it and sighed. We went back to the apartment to clean. But Mike needed to be in Downer’s Grove to see a football game that could not be missed, which started at 7pm. So after a little tiff, we left the rest of the cleaning for the following day and off we went to a bar to watch the game with friends and family. I had a frozen daiquiri and meat lovers pizza, that as you can guess I totally needed by that point.

On Sunday after organizing my clothes and stuff in Mike’s now neatly organized closets, I drove back into the city and spent about and hour and half cleaning the place. I definitely left it cleaner than it was when I moved in, so I was happy with the result. It was a good thing I went back too, because I had totally forgotten to pack my cutlery drawer in the kitchen. All my knives, forks and spoons, were quietly sitting in the same place they have been for the past two years, waiting for me to remember them and pack them to take with me.

I said my goodbyes to the apartment, the building, the street and the neighborhood. Oh, I will definitely miss that neighborhood. I walked around one last time to take it all in, and left. I had to run an errand, that ended being failed one, at the bank, and then I stopped by the realtor’s office to drop off the keys. After that last stop I sighed again. This time sitting in my car heading back to Minooka to begin what I deem as a very important transition phase. I’m thinking it will not last more than a month and a half, but still it’s significant when one is living from a suitcase in someone else’s place (even if that someone else is a really great boyfriend).

I’m beat, but happy, so here we go!


2 responses to “I Moved

  1. Good Luck ! I hope you increase your happiness…….

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