A Yes and Moving

I got a yes! Yep, you read that right, on Friday after waiting for two whole weeks since the initial offer, the seller’s agent contacted Philip to say they had accepted my highest and best offer and would sell the condo to me, Yahookitie!

So now the fun begins, the signing papers, the home inspection, the filling the mortgage application, etc, etc, etc. And along side all of that is my move. You see, after my lease expired back in July, I had settled on two months of month-by-month rent with my landlord, so my moving date was Sep 30th. But my landlord already has a new tenant who is eager to move in, and Mike had offered that I stayed with him while I found a place. My landlord emailed on Tuesday asking what my status was since the new tenant was asking for a move-in date, I thought about, talked to Mike, and quickly researched movers and storage units.

As it turns out movers are available for Saturday 9/1, a big enough storage unit on the ground floor (easier for movers) is available as of 8/31, and both have been reserved and booked. Boxes have been bought, as well as tape, sharpies and wrapping paper. Mike and I spent the day today putting boxes together and packing my stuff. My living room now looks like it did a mere two years ago, in August, when I moved in.

We did a pretty good job. We packed all the books, the picture frames, the nick-nacks, the photography stuff, the tarot stuff, the home office stuff, the winter gear, and some pillows and throws. Basically, everything in the living room, and dining room closets. Eight small boxes and seven medium ones, fifteen in total.

I still have nine empty boxes left, and next on the list are the kitchen and the bathroom. Since I’m going to be living at Mike’s, with just a few suitcases, I’m leaving my clothes and shoes for the very last. It’s sort of hard to figure out what I will be wanting to wear for the next month or so, specially because of the change of seasons. I need to take some summer and some fall clothes, some work and some work from home clothes, as well as weekend and walking the dogs clothes.

My stuff will all be in the storage unit, and I will have access to it, but I can’t imagine stopping by if I need a specific pair of shoes and actually finding them, right? Yep, that will be hard.

Come next Saturday, after hard work on moving, I will be bunking at Mike’s in Minooka. It will be different for us, living together day in and day out. It will also be very different for me being and hour (with no traffic) from the city and from my office. I’m not teaching in the Fall quarter, so I don’t have to be at DePaul every day, but I do have to come in for meetings and committee work. My plan is to find a library in Minooka to go in to work from, since working from Mike’s place with two barking dogs is going to prove challenging. I hope things go well, it will be different for all of us, even if it is for just a month or so.

Here we go, new phase in life commence!


10 responses to “A Yes and Moving

  1. Yay, great news!!
    Congratulations on the condo. That’s awesome.

  2. Congrats! Hope everything goes smoothly.

  3. Congratulations! Hope the move goes well and you love your new home!

  4. How exciting, congrats!

  5. Muchos cambios juntos…… me encanta, sabes que soy amante de los cambios. Se que tu no mucho…..pero estos son retos muy importantes que tenias que asumir y veo muy positivo que lo estas tomando con entusiasmo.
    Te deseo lo mejor y como dice Casy, que te sea leve…..Un consejito: vive cada día como si fuera único, que de hecho lo es. Disfruta el camino…..Besos. Maqui.

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