One with evertyhting please or “Uno con todo!”

I’ve been meaning to write, but I have either been really busy or unmotivated to do so, thus I’ve been away. I also have a bunch of random things (meaning unrelated to each other, but relevant to me) that I’ve been thinking of sharing and just haven’t gotten around to. But alas, I am here now, so let me update you on what I have been doing these days.

These past weeks I’ve been consumed by looking at and for an apartment to move into. My lease expires Sep 30th, so I obviously need a place to move to and live in, but thanks to my dad (yay dad!) who graciously offered to contribute the down payment, I am looking for a condo to buy and not rent.

I have seen everything currently on the market in Chicago within my price range. And when I say everything, I mean everything. I’ve been out with Philip, my incredible agent, visiting units all around the city and its colliding neighborhoods. Some weeks back, I saw two I thought I would put a bid on, to later find out the neighborhood, or the neighbors were not that great, and sadly walked away from those. When I’m not out with Philip walking through units, I’m online looking for apartments with potential, and driving Philip crazy (my guess) with emails of places I think might be interesting.

But yesterday, as Mercury retrograde ended (I had high hopes for Thursday and Friday’s searches because of this astrological fact), I found the place that has everything I was looking for within what I can afford! This is the first place I’ve seen that has all my specifications. Every other one had some, but lacked others, and thus fell in the maybe category, and if you’re in the maybe category, you might as well be in the not interested one, ’cause I rarely change my mind after not completely liking something the first time. So you can imagine my surprise when the first apartment on our visiting list for the day had everything, EVERYTHING I want. I practically yelled: “Philip this one has it all!?” more in a surprised tone than a happy one, but that changed quickly to excited, happy, thrilled, and “let’s get out of here so we can put an offer on this place before someone else takes it!” mode.

We did finished our viewings for the day, because well, you always need a plan B. And I saw a couple condos in Evanston, that have a lot of potential and would work well as plan B. But right now the application forms are filled in and signed, my offer has been officially made, and I am waiting to hear back from the bank that owns the apartment.

I don’t want to get too excited yet, because they can always reject my offer, or get a better one from someone else. But I can’t but sigh in relief, that I found a place, made an offer and have stopped looking at other places for now. I took a two hour profound nap yesterday afternoon, after everything was said and done, and I felt like the weight of worries had been lifted because I had found the one.

Now I wait, and keep my fingers crossed, and pray, and think positive that they will say yes and this will move forward. And of course, I start getting excited thinking about how I’ll decorate the place, what I need to buy for it, what colors will go on the walls etc, etc. Because one cannot wait idly can one? 🙂 But if you can spare some positive thoughts and send then my way for this to turn out right, I would highly appreciate it. Who knows, you might just have a guest room available in Chicago next time you come visit.


6 responses to “One with evertyhting please or “Uno con todo!”

  1. Good luck! It can be daunting looking at different places in different areas trying to fit you ideals. But when you know, you know. We found ours on accident and it was meant to be. One good thing about Chicago is that there is a neighborhood that has your new home.

    • Thank you! It has been quite the ordeal to find the right one. I was starting to lose faith and getting very frustrated. Hopefully this will move forward easily and rapidly. I’m glad you found your “meant to be” one; it’s funny how things work sometimes and accidents can be a big blessing.

  2. That sounds great! Can’t wait to see pictures after (or even before?) you moved in.

    Over here was a hectic and not so good week too. Sadly I can’t report a happy end. We had to put Whiskey down Wednesay evening. I am on and off crying ever since. Today was a bit better. I am glad it’s the weekend.

    • Oh no, that is awful. I know how that feels like, and I don’t wish it on anyone. I hope you feel better soon.
      Pictures will come for sure, for now keeping my fingers crossed everything will turn out right.

  3. How exciting! What does it mean it has ‘everything”? Tell us more 🙂

    • Well, I don’t want to jinx it by getting too excited about it ahead of time. I just put in my “highest and best” offer, and am now waiting to see if I win the bidding and they accept my offer. Fingers crossed!

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