Weekend in Michigan

This past weekend Mike, Charley, Max and I drove off to Union Pier, Michigan to gather with Mike’s family, who were all there already. Mike’s dad turns 75 this year, and his wife Joanne came up with a great gift idea: rent a house on the lake for a week. She invited all 4 of his “children” with their families and significant others. The idea was to have people come and go in waves during the week, but everyone was working on weekdays, so the weekend was the only possible time most people had to venture over. And venture over we all did, and had a really nice time too.

They all stayed at the rented house in Union Pier. Mike, the boys and I stayed at a house in Harbert, the next town over. This house belonged to Mike’s aunt Mary, and now is owned by her 7 grown up kids. Aunt Mary was Mike’s dad’s older sister, but she passed away some time ago. One of her daughters was staying at the house with her fiancee, and kindly offered us a room. The rented house was packed and Mike said no to sleeping on a pull-out couch in the living room. So thankfully we got a room at aunt Mary’s house, because we would have had to stay at an Inn if not, and with the two dogs that would have been a real challenge.

Friday we went to the beach for a bit, headed to Sawyer, the next town up, for lunch at the Greenbush Brewing Co., and at night went to the rented house to “party” with the family.

Saturday the guys had an all day fishing trip planned. Mike left around 6am and I was left to deal with the boys, who were very noisy at this early-computer-working couple’s house. Remind me to say NO next time, to being left alone in strangers’ home with two barking dogs, and no car, ok?

Thankfully Meghan picked me up and I took the boys with me to the rented house. These people really needed their peace and quiet and I’m sure two barking dogs was not what they had in mind when they set out to spend the weekend at their lake house. So off we went, thank goodness.

The girls spent the day lounging in the house and then out to lunch in New Buffalo at Casey’s Bar & Grill. After lunch we strolled along the harbor eating ice cream and chit chatting. We headed back to the rented house and not too long after that all the guys came back with all their fishing stories and the actual fish they caught. At this point I was ready for a nap, so off back to aunt Mary’s house we went. Mike and others went to the beach. I took a nap, leaving the dogs out in the living room because if not, there’s no sleeping with all the barking.

At night we went over to the rented house to “party” again. This time we had a really good home cooked meal, with the catchings of the fishing trip: salmon. It was delicious. We sang happy birthday to Mike’s dad, we played games, Mike’s BIL made a fire around which we sat, talk, drank, and listened to music. We had a really good time.

Sunday everyone took off at different times, and toward different directions. We woke up early and took the dogs for a long walk along the beach. It was great. I loved that walk. After getting ready, picking up everything, and loading the car, we went for breakfast, drove around the town, checkout some shops, and went antiquing.

I had no intention of buying anything, as I said before, but I found two great things I did not let pass by: a book on the Anthology of Children’s Literature and a mink stole. Both finds seem to be from around the 40s or so.

Our weekend in Michigan was a success. I had never been to Michigan before, but from this trip I have a very good impression of what it has to offer. Thanks Michigan, hope we meet again.

Note: As you know I ran out of space here, and I’m still figuring out what to do next. But you can see all photos on facebook if you are so inclined 🙂


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  1. How can I find you on facebook? The link is not working.

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