In need of more space

Apparently I have either been posting too much or just posting too many photos, because I am about to run out of space on WordPress. It’s telling me I am very close to my max. This is actually the main reason why I migrated from blogger to wordpress, because it wasn’t letting me upload any more photos, and what is my blog without photos? Don’t answer that.

In any case, I have the option to upgrade to pro, but of course it costs $99, and remember the no shopping policy I embraced again yesterday? Yeah, that. So my questions to you are:

  1. Have you upgraded to wordpress pro?
  2. What benefits, aside from the 10 GB of more space, does it offer you?
  3. Do you think it’s worth the cost?
  4. Is there any other way I can get more space, or maybe migrate my blog somewhere else less expensive that I don’t know of?

Any input will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


7 responses to “In need of more space

  1. Could you use a service like to host your pictures. If I understand it right, those images then would not be taking up space on your wordpress account.

  2. ct2020 has a good point – I’d use an external photo hosting website (many are free or you can pay $25/year for a pro flickr account). That should free up space on your blog. Otherwise, I’d look into getting a self-hosted blog and pay for monthly hosting.
    Is the $99 a annual fee? Or a one-time upgrade?

    • So I can store them somewhere else, and still show them in my posts without uploading them? The $99 is a one year subscription, so I would have to pay it each year… not so great.

      • Yes. If you look at my most recent blog post (titled Finally) I have 3 images in it. The first one is hosted at Photobucket and simply linked to my blog. When you click on add media there is a tab that says something along the lines use URL. I just copied the URL from photobucket and pasted it here. That image does not count against my 3GB storage limit. The other 2 I just uploaded to my blog using the upload from PC option. Those will count against me, but they are small so I’m not worried. Hope that helps.

        PS In theory you could fill up a free photobucket account, then make a free imageshack account and fill it up. Then make a flikr account and will it up… I think you get the point.

  3. Great help, thank you ct2020! I have a flikr account and I just opened a photobucket one. Hopefully this will help me in the future… it seems as though I take and post too many photos 😉

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