No to Shopping

My no shopping through the month of May plan worked like a charm. It spilled over to a little bit of June too, but as soon as I hit Florida on the 12th the no shopping policy ended, and it hasn’t come back. I think I need to restart that challenge again, because I seem a bit out of control with the shopping lately.

While in Florida I bought some summer clothes and a couple necklaces, all which I have used, worn, and enjoyed. A couple of the new shirts got stained though, which was a bit infuriating, because I had worn them only once, and during the first wash they were put in with a new pair of jeans which stained them a bit here and there. Totally my fault, but still I was mad.

Then I ordered some more summer clothes online thinking I would return most of them, but as it turns out I liked 3 out of the 4 pieces I got, in fact I’m wearing one today, so I’m only returning the one that was a no go.

This past weekend, while in Michigan, we went antiquing, and truly I just wanted to take a look, I had no intention of buying anything. But then I bumped into a book from 1948 titled the Anthology of Children’s Literature, AND also an incredibly beautiful mink stole, and bought them both. (!) Yeah, I know.

Today, I went out and bought some walking shoes I needed. They were 30% off (this was my incentive). I never buy anything full price, at least I try not to, but yet the bills seem to be adding up and I still need to buy Mike’s gift for his birthday, which is coming up next week. So, I think it’s time to call it quits on the shopping.

The no shopping actually felt kind of liberating. The month I was on a no shopping spree I didn’t look into sales, I didn’t walk into stores, I was totally in the no-shopping mode and it felt good to have the pressure off. Usually when I like something or want it, because let’s be frank I rarely need it, I go through this conversation with myself “Can I afford it? Do I really need it? Am I going to use it? Could I use this money for something else? etc.” But this time, because I knew I was not going to buy it anyway, regardless of the sale, or the deal, I didn’t have to even worry about considering it.

During that month I got to thinking how we are constantly bombarded by advertisements to get us to buy and spend. It’s everywhere, we seem to be surrounded by them in emails, TV commercials, window displays, and paper mail. I realized that a lot of the shopping I do is because of this push to buy and spend, and not because I actually need the thing I’m buying. It’s like I’m being hypnotized, or fed a very addictive buy-buy-buy pill through marketing adds. Realizing this helped me say no. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let myself be “tricked” into spending money I don’t have, or let myself get addicted to something I know is not in my benefit.

So it is settled, I will embrace the no-shopping policy again in the month of August. Say no to shopping, just say no, and walk away.


2 responses to “No to Shopping

  1. I will try and do the same in August.
    I am on minimum wage this year due to my extra studies and should really try to spend less.
    Let’s see how that goes,…

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