This is a personal blog. Here I write about my family, my friends, my relationships, my hobbies, the trips I take, my weekend outings, and the food, yes, there’s a lot on the food I eat. I rarely talk about work or my job. I made a point of this because of an incident that happened in a job interview sometime back. I even use a nickname as the name for the author of the blog, so that googleling my name does not lead people here.

I don’t mind that readers know who I am, or that family and friends read the blog knowing it’s me. What I want, if at all possible, is to keep my personal and professional lives separate. This is personal, not professional. But I was on TV today and as nervous as I might have been in preparation for the interview, you can’t really tell in the 2 second segment they chose to air. So, I’m kinda happy about it, and decided I’d share. Take a look:

If you can’t see the embedded video, here is the link.


4 responses to “On TV

  1. Nice job! And I think they did a nice job on the story, too.

  2. Muchacha!! que maravilla.. te felicito estuviste muy bien!!

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