I’ve been meaning to write. I’m back from Miami. Mike and I flew back on Saturday, and aside for the 4 hour delay we had, the flight was otherwise uneventful. It was our first flight together. Not that flying together is on a bucket list or anything like that, but any first is kinda special in a relationship, don’t you think? Well, I thought it was nice. To fly with Mike and not on my own, as I usually fly, felt kinda sweet.

Anyhow, the reason I hadn’t written was not about being overwhelmed with sweetness, it was more like being a bit homesick and kinda sad to be back, to tell the truth. I spent 3 weeks with my parents, and then extended family showed up the last 5 days I was there. I think that is most time I have spent with family in over 2 years and it was a little hard to say goodbye. I’ve written about this before, about how I feel lonely here, no friends, no family, and coming back from a family overdose, to nothing, is a little hard to do.

It hit me on Sunday. I was tired and needed to sleep. But the boys woke us up early, as always, and needed to go for a walk. And then Mike made some comments about me being anal and wanting things my way, and then about if he ever had kids he would be taking Sundays off to play golf no matter what, in a “be warned” kind of way, that really bugged me. That, plus the homesickness had me in tears in 5 minutes flat. I’m not one to cry easily, but when I’m hormonal, or in emotional turmoil I can’t really control tears from bursting out. And it helps, crying a little sometimes is just what one needs. I guess it was what I needed on Sunday.

Tuesday was the first day I started feeling like myself again, the sadness had waned. I am now back at work and slowly getting myself accustomed to being back and tackling my work-to-do list. There are few things on it and I’m even sort of excited to work on some of them, well, most of them actually. So sadness and homesickness be gone! We have better things to do in the summer than be blue.


2 responses to “Back

  1. I totally get it. I am always a bit down coming back from vacation and family visits… it’s inevitable. 😦

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