El Arepazo

On Monday Liz flew in from NY for work, and my parents and I picked her up at the airport. The plan was to have lunch together at El Arepazo and then drop her off at her hotel. And as we all like to stick to our plans, to El Arepazo we went!




We had cachapas:


Arepas (they are Venezuelan, no matter what any Colombian tells you):



Empanadas and pan de bono:


And a plate with a full meal (this was my doing) with plátanos maduros, arroz y cochino:


This was my first time at this place, and it did not disappoint. The food was delicious. But the best part of the whole plan was that Liz brought Sophie with her to stay with us a week earlier, yahookitie! And boy does that girl enjoy her Venezuelan food!



One response to “El Arepazo

  1. My mom iis Colombiana and she makes Arepas, while I am not a huge fan my husband loves them. You know there is a Colombian bakers on Lincoln that has empanada, papas renollos pan con queso. I know it is a bit different from Venezulan food but it is nice to have a slight taste of home

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