Happy Summer!

Today is the first day of summer, the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Meaning the day in which the sun is out shinning for the longest, and the official beginning of the summer season.

Do you have summer plans? People around the blogosphere have been posting to-do lists for summer left and right. Some claim that writing lists will help them remember everything they intended to do before the summer turns into a blur of the past, others think making a list is a way to hold themselves accountable and sort of pressure themselves into having fun (I tend to be of this camp), and yet others have already begun to do things on the list but included them to continue doing them, and probably because a long list of fun things to do is better than a short one (this would totally be my take on it).

So here’s my list in order to hold myself accountable, document my activities, and make sure I balance work and pleasure.

This summer, for fun, I plan to:
1. Go to the beach (did this once already).
2. Barbecue with Mike and friends (have done both of these too).
3. Spend 3 weeks in Miami with my parents (doing that now).
4. Have surgery (done) (technically, this is was not fun, but had to be done).
5. Complete a tarot online course (doing that now too).
6. Read fun books (have read two digital books on the iPad, but need to get some more, any recommendations?).
7. Do a tour of Chicago, walking or boat.
8. Go to baseball games (been to a Sox game this season).
9. Go to street and art fairs (been to one so far).
10. Sleep in (I’m getting to that here in Miami, because with Max there is no sleeping in).
11. Start a walking/jogging routing again (I’ll be able to begin this once I’ m back in Chicago and all recovered from surgery).

For work I have a long list too, but I’m actually looking forward to it. It mainly involves reading, reading, reading, and then writing, writing, writing. I need to:
1. Revise my book prospectus and send it out again.
2. Update and revise my e-portfolio article and send it out to publish.
3. Re-narrate a power point and fix some glitches on my hybrid course.
4. Work on my tenure/merit e-portfolio.
5. Begin work on an idea for children’s books.

And another thing I want to do this summer, which is both a little work and a little fun, is find the perfect condo to buy and move into (send me positive vibes on this one, I think I just might need them).

So there, that’s my plan for the summer, ambitious it’s looking like to me from this angle, but hopefully I will get to everything in a relaxing and stress free manner, as all summer activities should be.


4 responses to “Happy Summer!

  1. When you’re done with your tarot class will you read mine? 🙂

  2. Perfect, face time it is then! 🙂

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