The Fish House

The other day we were all starving, my mom was in no mood to cook, and so we headed out for a late lunch. Off we went to a restaurant my parents had discovered some time back, and had kept going back and back to. For some reason they had never taken me there, but since I was in the mood for fish, they thought The Fish House would be perfect, and it was.

It’s like a tavern sort of place, with beer and fish to be consumed to your heart’s content.






They have the freshest fish in town, according to my parents. You can pick and choose what you want to eat based on the catch of the day. They even have live lobster if that’s your fancy.


We started out with fresh oysters. Delicious!


We all had grilled tilapia (one of my favorites) with arroz amarillo, papitas fritas, plátanos maduros, and tostones (I can call the food what it’s originally called in Spanish, right? This is Miami after all!).





And closed off with tres leches, mmmmm!


Highly recommend this place, the food is delicious, and the ambiance and service friendly and welcoming. We shall return with others!


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