So far, great

The surgery went well. I went under and 45 minutes later I was out, waking up bundled in blankets with a caretaker by my side, asking me how I felt and offering me water. Aside for the coarseness in my thought caused by the breathing tube, and some pressure on my chest, I was fine. With a little grogginess I got dress, and out I went in a wheelchair to see my parents who were waiting for me outside.

I’ve been diligently taking my pain killers and antibiotics. I want nothing to do with possible pain, but the truth is I think I might not even need them, the pain killers that is. This time is has been so much better. At least day one now, in comparison with day one then, is 100% better. I’m really happy about this because this was a surgery I didn’t want to have, and was really upset I needed to have it because of someone’s negligence.  So having the pain be minimal is a HUGE plus.

It’s still early to jump up with joy though, not that I could anyway. The doctor explained the swelling, and thus the pain, progressively increases from day one, hitting it’s peak in 48 to 72 hours. It’s not until then that it begins to decrease, and the actual getting better process begins. So day 3, as was my experience the first time I had this surgery, can be a MF royal bitch. Back then I curled up and cried in pain on day 3, and was not looking forward to that this time around. I hope, given day 1 was so good in comparison, day 3 will be good too. I’ m still keeping the pain killers near by though, don’t want to take any risks.

So how are you? How’s everything going in your neck of the woods these days?


2 responses to “So far, great

  1. What kind of surgery is this and why do you have to have it repeatedly? I am glad everything went well and I hope for a speedy recovery. I am glad you’re with your parents and they can pamper you a bit 😉

    • It’s plastic surgery, so nothing life threading, thankfully. The first time I got it, I was sort of peer pressured into it, but ultimately it was my decision to do it. This time, it was necessary, they needed to replace faulty materials for new, better ones. I was furious that I needed this because someone decided to use subpar materials somewhere in France and sell it across the world. But fortunately, this time around it has been practically painless, which is a complete blessing!

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