Old Town Art Fair

I went by myself to this art fair last year. This year, I convinced Mike to come with me. It was very hot, but we managed to enjoy it regardless. The beer and lemonade helped. As did the corn-dogs.

When we got there I was starving, so much so, by our second circle around the block trying to find a parking spot, I asked Mike if he wanted to bail and just go somewhere to eat. He look at me in disbelief (I really wanted to go to this), and said “let’s search a little more”. We found a spot not too long after that, so we made it to the fair. And I’m glad we did, because as usual I fell in love with a few things.

I didn’t want to be too obvious taking photos of the art. I know some artists are very protective of their creative productions. But I did manage to get some shots of a few pieces. Take a look.

Aside from the stands with all the displays of art, there were several gardens through which one could walk, that were also part of the fair. We roamed a bit and walked through a few historic houses’ gardens. And on one particular corner we saw this beauty from 1957.

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon 🙂


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