Walking by the Lake

On Sunday we took the boys for their much anticipated Lake walk, and the morning was just beautiful. I took a photo of Mike and the boys.

Which then turned into “A man and his dogs” in Instagram.

The sun was rising, and it’s reflection on the water was perfect. There was a man on a very low boat floating by. It looked like he was suspended, floating on water.

Can you see him there, being bathed by the sun? In Instagram I posted “Floating on water”.

I love Instagram. Not only sharing my photos, but seeing everyone else’s. Are you on Instagram? If you are, leave your @ on a comment and I’ll follow you. I enjoy photography, always have, and really like to see the cleaver, creative images people post, so share away.

Anyway, back to the walk. It was really a beautiful morning. I couldn’t stop admiring it and trying to capture it with my iPhone camera.

Which made me lag behind a bit. But you gotta have fun on walks too.  That’s what walks are for: sniffing, and peeing, and pooping, and barking. That’s for the the boys. For the grownups, it’s about exercise, fresh air, and having fun, at least a little.

And photographing. Because with a backdrop like this one, how can you not take your camera out?


2 responses to “Walking by the Lake

  1. OMG, it’s beautiful!!
    I guess Chicago is on my list whenever I make to the US again.

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