We went to the Beach!

I finally convinced Mike to go check out the Chicago beach. Can you believe he doesn’t see the joy in laying on the sand while soaking up the sun, people watching, and being mesmerized by the waves? Who is this guy?!  🙂 I kid, but seriously, I had never met a person around my age who didn’t like to spend a day at the beach, or lake in this case. So convinced he was, and once we were all lathered up in sunscreen, bathing suits on, snacks in tow, we headed over to Fullerton Beach to soak it all in.

We have beautiful beaches in Venezuela, but living in Caracas, the closest beach is at least 1.5 hours drive, so it always amazes me when going to the lake here, how embedded in the city it is, and how close it is to everything. We actually walked over to Fullerton Beach, it’s that close to where I live. WALKING to the beach from my city home! Now that’s a new concept for me. I had never lived that close to the sand.

Take a look at the beach, and us. I am one happy camper!

Doesn’t it look glorious? It truly is. The only not so great thing about it, is that the water is so cold you can’t (or me in this case) really go in. I soaked my feet a little to cool off, but that was as far as I was willing to go.

As you can see I like taking photos of Mike. He hates it. But indulges me. Some times.

So I take photos of me, to show him, it’s not that bad.

It was a glorious, hot, sunny, perfect beach day. I’m so glad we went, even if it was for a few hours, and at the end I burned my feet with the incredibly hot sand. We cabbed it back home, because every step I took felt like little pins and nettles going through the soles of my feet. It was worth the day at the beach though, the sun, and all the relaxing we got to do was all so very worth it.


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