Sox Game

The highlight of this weekend was going to a Sox game. Neither Mike nor I are Sox fans, but we love baseball, so a chance to go to the ballpark and see a game is always welcomed here.

There were other things going on this weekend too. Like for example,  cleaning (I finally gave the bathroom a good scrub), vacuuming, and laundry. There was a work end-of-the-term-lunch for faculty in my program at a colleague’s home, and there was a visit to Rocks, our favorite burger place, which never disappoints. But the highlight was definitely the baseball game.

I had never been to the US Cellular Field, originally known as Comiskey Park. I don’t know how they let big corporations take over history like that and change places’ names just because a big-shot spent millions and millions in a new stadium and wanted to give it it’s name. Not right, right? Right. Anyway, here are some photos:

It was a great day to go to the ballpark too. The sun was out, no rain in sight, and we had, thanks to Mike, really nice seats. At first the sun was hitting us directly, which means I now have a little bit of a sunburn on my chest and shoulders. But it quickly moved, and we were left in the shade for the rest of the game.

Another great thing of this game is that the Sox won! (though I couldn’t get the camera ready in time to shot the fireworks). When we went to see the Cubs play, they lost, so this was a treat to see the team we were rooting for win.

Take me out to the ball game any day, I say, any day! And if the sun is and the home-team wins, even better!


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