My sister is in town!

Out of the blue, Monday afternoon, my sister called to say she was flying in Tuesday morning, spending the day in Chicago, and then driving over to Michigan, Wednesday morning, for work. Hooray!

So, as Maxy and I were driving back from Mike’s place on Tuesday, she was flying into O’Hare from New York. I got home, dropped my things and settled Maxy in, grabbed some lunch, hid the key in the bushes for my sister, and ran over to DePaul for class. I made it on time and all my students were there, plus this was the class in which I was going to lecture about Spirituality, a class I had been looking forward to all quarter. I’m glad I made it, and it went quite well.

After class I had a work celebration to attend and then I headed home. I got home just as Liz and Max were heading out for a walk, so I joined them. We walked, we talked, and brought Maxy home, to eat and settle in, so we could head out to dinner.

There’s this restaurant right around the corner from me called Yoshi’s Cafe. Everyone has recommend this restaurant, yet I still hadn’t made it in there. Liz hadn’t had lunch and was starving, and wanted to check this place out. So off we went to Yoshi’s and it did not disappoint.

We had a few starters each. I ordered a mojito, Liz stuck with water. The starters were pate, scallops, pumpkin ravioli (to die for), and mushroom soup.

Everything was absolutely delicious. I really wonder why it took my so long to check this place out, the food is out of this world good.

After dinner we strolled around the neighborhood. And talked and talked and talked some more. We had a lot of catching up to do. But Liz needed to practice her presentation, so we headed back home and called it a night.

Early next morning she was off to Michigan, and Maxy and I took our morning walk around the hood. I’m glad she came, if only for a few hours, it’s always nicer to catch up in person.



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