Memorial Day Weekend

I drove out to Mike’s Thursday night and stayed the entire Memorial Day weekend out there. A reluctant Maxy and I drove back into Chicago Tuesday morning, only because I teach on Tuesdays, and of course have to actually be there.  It was hard settling back into the routine, but what is one to do? When you gotta to show up, you show up.

It was a fun weekend, a relaxed weekend, and an eat-as-much-as-you-possibly-can weekend too.

On Thursday night, I dropped off my things, picked Mike up, and off we went to have dinner and drinks at Maurie’s Table. They make one awesome Meat Lovers Pizza, with four different types of meats. I like it New York style, thin crust, and the meatier, the better. It truly is delicious pizza. It has bacon. Need I say more?

Mike played golf on Friday with a friend, while I lounged, working, reading, and napping leisurely. I can’t really remember the last time I got to do that, so it was very much enjoyed. The boys lounged next to me and napped to their hearts content too.

At night, because it was Friday night after all, and we’re trying to not be too boring here, we headed out to Fiesta Mexicana, for some Mexican goodies and Margaritas.

I have two questions for you. 1. How do you like Mike’s shirt? Come on, I need an honest opinion here. I got this shirt for Mike because I liked it, but he didn’t, like, absolutely DID NOT like it. Slowly though, it seems to be growing on him because this has been the third time he’s worn it in a year, and with no prompting from me whatsoever. Yet, he thinks it can only be worn on certain occasions, and to certain places. It’s obviously not a work shirt, but to be so restricted in its use seems a little much to me. What say you?

And, 2. I look older than 21 don’t I? I got carded at this restaurant, at the table. As the lady was taking our drink order, she asked to see my ID. I said sure, and thought, maybe it’s policy, they have to ask everyone. But she didn’t ask to see Mike’s ID, or anyone else’s around us. So, what gives? I’m 39 years old, going on 40 in October, do I really need to show my ID for people to believe I was born in 1972?

Ok, moving on. Saturday morning we took the boys for a walk in Hammel Woods, and to spend some time at the dog park. Max loves that place. It’s the only place, because he’s off the leash, he gets to interact with other dogs in a quasi-socially acceptable manner, and seems to enjoy it a lot too. Charley, the poor chap, doesn’t find it amusing. Charley doesn’t like loud excitement, and there is a lot of that going on in the dog park. He prefers to go deep into the woods and hunt all and any rodent creature he can get his nose on. He has quite the nose.

After the walk, we stopped by Jewel and headed home to make some breakfast. We have been eating out for breakfast a lot lately, so this weekend it was sort of a treat to have fresh goods and make some meals at home.

Mike spent most of the day working the yard, getting all the weeds out, and I took naps and read. It was great! Yeah, I know, exciting we are not. But it works for us. At night we stayed in, Mike grilled, and we had dinner watching something, I can’t really recall on TV.

Speaking of home life, Charlotte is not doing so great, the poor thing. She has this growth in her jaw, and has been on antibiotics for a couple weeks now because she’s lost two teeth on account of the growth and an infection she has in her mouth. The vet would need to perform a very costly and laborious surgery on her to take it out and determine if it’s cancer. So we’re going the antibiotic route to see if it gets better. So far it’s hit or miss. Some days it seems better, others Mike claims he thinks it’s growing. If it does grow and gets worse, one option is to put her down, because putting her through chemo/radio seems a bit absurd, especially at her age, she’s an old kitty. So we spent the weekend checking on her, and giving her her meds, and hoping for the best.

Health side note aside, on Sunday we took the boys to the I&M Canal Bike Trail, and walked, and walked, and walked. It was so incredibly hot, but regardless everyone seemed to be out “enjoying” the heat. The boys loved it. I didn’t enjoy it much. Because of the heat, I took off the sweater I had on, and not 5 minutes had passed when I was bit 3 times. So I had to endure the sweater with heat and all, fearing I would be these insects’ breakfast.

I left the boys behind and power walked back to the car. I sat in the AC listening to the radio, when back come Mike and two very wet and dirty dogs. They had launched themselves into the canal! I don’t know how this keeps occurring, the only remark I have for Mike is “And why did you let this happen?!” I usually get a shrug as a response. Needless to say, we gave the boys pretty hefty bath once we got back home.

After the bath, their meal, and our getting ourselves ready, we headed over to a family/friends Memorial Day cookout. There was a pool, a ton of food and drinks, kids, adults, and dogs. we didn’t take ours, thank god, because there were three dogs there, and that really was more than enough. Besides there was no fence, so can you just imagine Maxy on his own in a place like that? Yeah, I can’t either.  We had fun though. We got to see baby Adriana and play bocce ball.

On Monday, the actual Memorial Day, we stayed in the neighborhood for our walk. In fact I stayed in bed, Mike took the boys. I love it when they let me sleep in, I really am happier throughout the day when I get to sleep in.

In the afternoon Mike wanted to check out a dresser he needed for his room, and being it Memorial Day, of course there was a sale, so off we went and came out dresser and two nightstands plus. After the shopping spree we headed to Rock Bottom and had drinks and a late lunch/early dinner.

While we were waiting for our food, my sister called to say she was coming on Tuesday to spend the day in Chicago, to then leave for Michigan for work. That kind of made it not so bad to have the long weekend be over. So we had our meal, which was a tad too spicy for me, and headed back home to walk the boys and settle in for the night and watch Hemingway & Gellhorn on HBO.

So that was our weekend. How was yours?


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