Weekend recap

I was set to drive out Friday night with Max, but, not sure how, we decided Mike and Charley were coming over here instead. So Friday night they drove in around 9ish and we just stayed in watching TV, and catching up on the events of the week.

Saturday morning, after walking the boys, Mike headed out to play golf with his brother, and I was left to sleep in (!!!). Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been able to sleep as long as I wanted? So after cleaning the kitchen and sorting some things around the apartment, I went back to bed and had a two hour, deep, blissful nap. I was sort of in a mood (see unmotivated post bellow), but I managed o keep the boys out of my bedroom, closed the door, turned off the lights, and slept. It was grand.

I woke up hungry so I took a shower and headed out. I strolled, it was great. It was sunny, warm, beautiful, and it reminded me of NYC. I realize I don’t walk half as much here as I did in NYC, and as much as I LOVE my car and being able to drive everywhere, my relationship with the city is completely different because of it. In any case, the stroll was great. People were out and about, I got to listen to music, and absorb myself in my thoughts as I window-shopped and took the city in.

When Mike came back, he was starved, so we went out to Wrigglyville, to the Red Ivy and watched the Preakness Stakes race on TV (I’ll have another won again, he won the Kentucky Derby a few weekends ago) as Mike ate and had a beer. We went back home to walk the dogs, take a shower (boy was it hot on Saturday), and lounge around.Well, not before stopping at Paciugo for gelato. I think that was Mike’s attempt to get me out of my funk, but unfortunately it lasted until the next day.

Sunday we had plans to rent some bikes and go for a ride. Mike wanted to go people watch down by the NATO protesters. I was not keen on this idea. Having been to a few protests in my Chavez opposition days, and seen what can happen, I was in no hurry to get down there. So we walked the dogs by the lake instead:

We came back home to have breakfast and feed the dogs, and then took a nap. Nap will cut our morning short every single time. So when we realized it we were hungry, and it was lunch time. I wanted to go back to Melanthios Greek Char House because they have the best bread in the world, and I’m a bread person, an if-bread-was-the-only-thing-left-to-eat-for-the-rest-of-times-I’d-have-no-problem person, so off we went.

This is the bread, trust me it doesn’t look half as good as it tastes. You really have to try it, dipped in olive oil preferably.

It was delicious. Mike had the pasta with meat sauce, which tasted exactly like the one my mom makes: more meat, less sauce. And I had the roasted lamb wrap, which was so good, the lamb was tender, tasty, and just perfect. We had drinks too, because it’s summer people, summer in May! So margaritas and mojitos it was.

We were happy campers.

Real happy campers.

We walked back home, we took the boys for a walk and took another nap. What? You don’t nap on the weekends? We’re nappers here, ALL of us. And then Mike and the boys took off (Maxy is spending the week there and I’m driving out Thursday night) and just like that the weekend fun was over.

I got to catch up on blog reading and writing, and did some more lounging before hitting the hey (this is a Mike phrase). It was a relaxing weekend, a hot, and bit sweaty weekend, which started with me in my funk and ended with me happy and content. Things aren’t so bad after all, and I will figure this out eventually. I will find a way to kick myself in the rear with a brilliant idea, and get things rolling again, I have to, it’s what I need.

How was your weekend?


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