May: scarcity

I’m still unmotivated, but I figured if I established a few goals for May, I might help myself get the kick in the pants I so need. Remember how I hadn’t had a plan for May yet? Well, I decided to go with no shopping and eating less. I think saving some money, however little it is, and setting boundaries on my out of control compulsive eating, might make me feel better. Once the results set in that is, because we all know how difficult it is to get passed bad, yet satisfying habits.

By not shopping I mean nothing extra like shoes, clothes, jewelery, bags, music, books, and the sort. Of course I need to buy groceries, toiletry and gifts for those May birthday’s, mother’s day and so on. But nothing extra, nothing for me, which frankly I really don’t need. I have too many of everything to begin with.

Interestingly enough, this “no shopping” motto can also be interpreted as an “use what you have” motto, one in which instead of filling up on new things, I use what I have until I need something new.

That also translates to eating and my approach to food. Instead of eating everything in sight because I can, and because I’m anxious and need to be doing something with my hands and mouth, I wait until I’m hungry and only then I eat. Also, if I have had my three meals already, then the plan is to stop eating at night, in bed, watching TV. I tend to approach eating as a past time, and not as a necessity, I think there lies part of the problem too, and reason why it’s been so difficult lately to get into the dieting to lose some weight mode.

So yep, May is about being scarce, both with food and material goods. Moderation, control, and scarcity. This is the name of the game, or should I say the name of the month? Let’s do it!

P.S. This is my post 1000! I thought I would let you in on the milestone accomplishment 😉


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