Weekend “andanzas”

This weekend turned out to be a little less restful than I needed. Mike, Charley and Charlotte came over Friday night, and we just ate in and watched TV, because we were all kinda pooped. On Saturday we had planned to go for a Historical Tour around the city with some groupons I had bought ages ago, but as it turns out the forecast for the entire day was rain and overcast, so it wasn’t much of a photo taking situation, besides they were sold out. I didn’t know I needed to make reservations in advance and as it turns out they are sold out every weekend in May, so our tickets will expire 😦 We can still use the money towards another ticket, but the offer we bought will not be available any more. That kinda sucks, but we did leave it to the last minute, so lesson learned I guess.

Saturday we took the boys for a walk around the lake, we got some cinnamon rolls at Ann Sather and coffee at Starbucks and headed home. After breakfast and a little picking up, we watched a little TV, until hunger hit and it was time to head out in search of substance. We went to Five Guys and had deliciously big burgers and fries. We made a pit stop by Marshall’s and DSW because Mike had forgotten underwear and wanted to look at hiking shoes. I’m on a no-spending budget this month, so there will be no shopping for me.

When we got back, Mike took the boys out for a stroll and I retired to the bedroom, thinking I would take a nap, when Mike walks into the room “Sweetie, guess what I found on me?” A tick! I had found a tick on myself on Thursday and almost flipped out. I checked Max head to toe, put some anti-tick medicine on him, washed all the bedding, and took an extra long shower myself. But I guess either Charley brought some with him (we’ve found some on Charley before, none on Max) or it was lingering around here.

I got up as fast as I could and off we were to Petco to buy some special anti-tick shampoo, collar, sprays, and whatnots, and came back home to wash down the boys good. They had never had such a good cleaning before. We then cleaned ourselves good too.

This whole thing has me a little disgusted. I’ve been scratching my head paranoiac-ally ever since I saw the first tick, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon, since every time I think about it I get chills of disgust. I hope we got them. I mean the boys have been shampooed, combed, sprayed, and sprinkled with medicine. But it is the season for ticks, so we’ll see, I guess 😦

By the time we were done with all this it was close to 7pm and I was beat. I never got that nap I so much needed. But by this time we were all hungry too, so I made some dinner: shrimp linguini in béchamel sauce. It was quite good, we finished clean the entire pan.

We caught up on dvred episodes of Magic City and went to bed not too late. It had been a day. A tick day. On Sunday, we had planned to go up to Wisconsin, and spend the day with Mike’s mom. We bought some cinnamon rolls to take and picked up the edible arrangement with balloons Mike had ordered for his mom, and off we were, boys in tow, to Wisconsin.

They had meat sandwiches, fruit, and cake for lunch. Mike’s brother, sister-in-law, and baby came too. It was fun, relaxed, and sweet. We had a good time. Then drove back, with some traffic, getting home around 7ish.

It was a good weekend, but I feel like I need an extra day to relax and have that nap I so much needed. Oh well, maybe next weekend.


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