Not into exercising

This unmotivated state I find myself in currently, the one I was writing about the other day, seems to be seeping into others areas of my life as well, aside from work. Remember how excited I was about joining the athletic club and discovering new-to-me classes back in April? Well, that is no more. The excitement that is, because I’m still paying for the gym through the month of May. I’m holding my membership as of June because I will be in Miami for 3 weeks and given the lack of use I’m giving this gym while I am here, imagine how little I will use it once I am 1378 miles away. I’m guessing it will be in the negative numbers.

Anyway, April was supposed to be the exercising month.  I joined the club and at first was super excited about checking out the different classes. They offer a few different kinds that I was interested in: yoga (of course), zumba, dance fusions and something called andanza, which I still need to get to.

The schedules worked to some extent. When Maxy was at Mike’s for the week I went to yoga in the morning before work. They have a Wednesday class at 7am that works well for me. Then they offer Zumba Thursdays at 8:30pm, which also works for me because that gives me enough time, to get home from work, walk and feed Max, and get ready and over to the gym.  The dance fusion class is Mondays at 8:30pm, again this time works well, but some Mondays I have to teach from 6 to 9pm, so it’s not something I can do every week. And the Andanza class is Friday’s at 6:30pm, which is difficult, because that’s usually around the time I leave work, and I still have to walk Max and feed him before I do anything else, so I haven’t been able to make it to that class yet.

The thing is really, I don’t want to go. I rather stay in bed and watch TV, and snack, and go on pinterest while I’m home. The excitement was short lived, May has not seen one day of gym attendance or exercise for that matter, and I’m starting to feel bad about it.

I’m unmotivated I tell you. How does one self-motivate? How does one get off one’s bum and do it when one really, really, really does not want to? How do you do it? Please share.


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