Mike, the boys, and I took a road trip to Kentucky this past weekend. We went to visit Mike’s dad and step-mom, who invited us over to go to the Kentucky Derby. We had a really nice time with them, they were very welcoming and attentive, opening their home to us and the boys, both of them.

They live in a very charming, and to my surprise, very green, neighborhood. Houses are the cutest, they all look a little like cabins, it’s a little fairytale-like if you ask me, like taken out of a children’s book illustration. I had never been to Kentucky, and I guess I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought it was very, well, pretty. Take a look.

We got there Friday late afternoon and left on Sunday morning, so it was not a long stay. On Saturday though, we went to the Derby. It was hot, and packed. Apparently, they broke their attendance record this year, with a whooping 165 thousand spectators, and we were one of them.

Mike’s dad got us tickets for the Infield Club, a big tented area, with tables, food, large screen and a cash bar. It was glorious in comparison to the regular infield, which was quite chaotic. It was very, very hot, and to be standing outside in the sun was really not the best of situations. We thanked our lucky start we had a place to sit under the shade.

The hats were a sight to see. The people were dressed quite interestingly too. Some on the crazy side, most on the matchy-matchy style. It would have been photography heaven if it had not been so crowded.

It was a great trip. Hopefully we’ll get to do another road trip soon.


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