I flew out to Vancouver for 5 days to attend AERA. If you are in education or a field related to it, you know that AERA is THE conference. If you are short on funds and have to pick among conferences to attend in a given year, AERA is the one people choose. This year I got to not only attend, but present a paper on a project I have been working on. It was kind of a big deal.

Having the conference be in Vancouver was also kind of a big deal too, given that it involved corresponding with the Canadian consulate, getting a visa I needed, which came last minute, and not knowing until the day before I traveled if I was actually going to attend or not. But I made it there, enjoyed the conference, made great contacts, presented my paper, and came back.

I didn’t have too much time to roam the city. Planning the trip last minute didn’t allow for much pre or post sight seeing to be penciled in. But I did take some photos of the beautiful city. Truthfully, I knew nothing about Vancouver, and to my surprise it was as beautiful as everyone, except for me, knew it would be. Take a look.

Pretty, huh? It’s a beautiful city. If you haven’t yet visited, put in on your to-visit list. Unless, you need a visa like me, because if you do, make sure you deal with it with sufficient time. If not, you will be left like me, feeling like it will be years before you visit that country again. Canada, you’re beautiful, but too much of stickler for my taste.


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