I’m back!

From Vancouver that is. I was off Friday morning for the AERA conference, which was held in Canada this year. That brought with it all sorts of problems for me which I will get into in great detail later. For now, just know I flew in back to Chicago last night, and today I have been playing catch up at work all day.

I’m off to Mike’s for the rest of the week and weekend. But I plan to set some time aside to catch up on posting here too. I have posts from last week pending in my head; updates on weekend fun and food, and even reflections on missing my girlfriends I want to write about, and just have not had the time… darn work!

So I’m back and I will be back here catching everyone up on the ins and outs of the before, during, and after Vancouver trip. Photos to come too. Promise. I have missed writing… I have missed interacting with you all… I’ll be back.


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