Remember our plan for the new year? Well, April is the month in which we take on a new exercise class. I’ve been going to yoga once a week since the year started, with just a few weeks here and there, in which I just couldn’t make it. But my plan for April was to check out a dance class.

I’ve been intrigued by Zumba for a while. Back when I lived in Caracas I discovered Bailoterapia, and absolutely loved it. It was a great workout, but it was also fun. I need exercising to be fun and if it requires music, the dancing kind, even better.

So today, after my yoga class, the last one from the last package of classes I purchased, I went to check out a gym close to my home. It’s actually more of an athletic center, than just a simple gym with cardio machines and weights. It also has two pools, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a climbing wall, and lots and lots of classes, which is what I am mostly interested in.

I liked it, and they currently have a no registration fee for this month, and a special discount for teachers/professors, so I was in. I registered and I’m now a member of this athletic center, and I’m planning to go check out my first Zumba class tomorrow night. I’ve never been a gym rat, but I’m kind of excited for this one, wish me luck!


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