Past Weekend

This was a relaxing kind of weekend, no parties, no commitments,  a lot of home time, which I took advantage of and napped 🙂 And Mike also took advantage of, but he did a ton of yard work instead. I’m always so impressed with his stamina versus my capacity to sleep life away. People full of energy and on the go all the time, are a mystery to me, and Mike can be on the go like any of them. Me on the hand, I need my beauty rest, and this weekend I got some of it.

Friday night after a long day of work, and a lot of driving for me, since I was at a meeting and a talk in Bloomington, we went to the movies to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It was a sweet, heartfelt, inspiring movie. I think anyone who feels caught in a rut could benefit from this movie.

Saturday after our morning walk, I took a nap, while Mike worked on the yard. I cooked lunch, worked on a paper for a conference, and then we both settled in for the night in front of the TV to watch the NCAA Basketball Semi-finals.

I didn’t take photos of our lunch. I think we were both too starved to even think about the camera. But in the afternoon, while Mike walked the boys, I baked cookies, and I do have shots of those. Double chocolate chunks cookies, they were good.

On Sunday we took the boys to Hammel Woods, they love that place, and Max is doing so much better at the dog park with other dogs; we have hope. After the walk we made a pit stop at Crispy Waffle to get some takeout breakfast and went home. Unfortunately, when we were getting out of the car Maxy took a run for it, and we spent the next 45 minutes running after him around the entire neighborhood. We finally caught him because he went into someone’s house and we were waiting for him right outside the door. The little stinker!

After breakfast I took another nap and Mike worked on the yard again. The stamina, I’m telling you. In the afternoon we went to Kohl’s. Mike needed some jeans and I, well I had never been to a Kohl’s before, can you believe? I got a sweater for me and gift for my mom for Mother’s day, and Mike got his jeans.

After Kohl’s we went to Portillo’s for a late lunch. It was yummy, as always.

Sunday night I caught up with blogs and blogging and Mike watched his TV shows. A very relaxing, slow pace (at least for me), good weekend.


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