No chip

On Tuesday of Spring Break I treated myself to a bikini wax and a mani/pedi. I had been hearing about the no chip nail polish and thought I’d try it out. My nails for some reason, unknown to me or any doctor I have asked, have gone from being really thick and strong, to very brittle and thin, with these horizontal creases which bring nothing but chips and broken nails.  So I thought a no chip mani might help them, since the coat of paint is thicker and keeps them protected for as long as the polish lasts.

So these are my nails a week into the manicure:

Aside for the nail growth you can see at the base of my nails, the nail polish is as non chip and shiny as it was the first day I got it. And my nails have not chipped or broken at all during all this time. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this is pretty great!


2 responses to “No chip

  1. Seems like it was a good decision!
    I dont have long nails and I almost never color them. It would hold only about a day with my life and the things I do every day.
    I guess peinted nails are just not made for horses and stablework. 🙂

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