Not sure what is happening with hair lately but I bumped into this video, in which makeup artist Lisa Eldridge (who I think is awesome!) does a candy color style makeup on a pretty girl, who I think is supposed to be a model (for Pete’s sake!) from Holland. The girl, as pretty as she is, has these bushy, hairy eyebrows which I, for the life of me, cannot get.

Lisa complements her on leaving them natural, since she thinks girls now a days pluck, shred, and wax their eyebrows way too much. I agree, super thin eyebrows are not that attractive, but this? This is ridiculous! Get a pair of tweezers and pluck those out already! Are you freaking kidding me?

And then I go to yoga class, and as I settle myself in, because, of course, I’m late, I gaze to my right and see a pretty looking woman, great shaped body, and cute top, which is where my focus goes to because I’ve been meaning to get a new yoga top and this one has the cross strap back I like, but then I see it. Hair!

Hair is coming from her armpits like it’s a beard. She’s doing sun salutations and lifting her arms up with not a care in the world, as I can’t get over my disbelief and can’t seem to concentrate on my breath, which is what I should be doing. I’m trying hard to concentrate on the poses, but as I look down, trying not to stare into her armpits, I see her legs. These legs have not seen a razor in their life. This girl is a bear!

I can’t but think “what the hell?!” Why would someone not shave? Is she french? Is she a hippie? Really, what the hell?!

What’s your position on hair? I come from a society that worships beauty. Caracas is the nest of plastic surgery, beauty is not a way of life, it’s THE way of life. If something doesn’t look good, you get it fixed. If something isn’t the best it can possibly be, you make it better. If you are not groomed enough, don’t look good, people will let you know. And hair in places where it was never supposed to be, is a big no no.  So as I shake my head in disbelief, what are your thoughts? Shave, wax, thread, and laser, or go natural?


4 responses to “Hairy

  1. Mmh, while I do shave armpits and legs and might be startled if someone doesn’t, I don’t agree with your statement that this is hair in places where it was never supposed to be. I do think that if hair wasn’t supposed to be in those places, nature would have taken care of that over the course of evolution.
    I’ve never threaded my eyebrows (though plugged a few hairs here and there). I think it’s all about personal preference and comfort.

    I, for example, do think that some men’s preference of girls going bare “down there” is more of a fetish than a natural expectation.

    • What I meant was, hair in certain unwanted places, in my view, is not supposed to be there. It obviously is there for a reason (a purpose dictated by nature), and back in the cave ages when we didn’t have much to protect ourselves from the cold, I bet hair was very much wanted in those now unfaltering places. But right now, I’ll pass on having them, and if it were up to me I would completely ban those hairs I think are not supposed to be there to begin with.

  2. I do shave my armpits and legs like San is doing but I never plugged my eyebrows (I should probably mention that they are a really light blond-brownish do you don’t really have o plugg anything.

    I would totally get the hair in my armpits and legs removed forever if that would be possible on a short, easy and cheap way!

    I would never ever get bare “down there” as San named it so nicely.

    I watched the Video and I have to say I don’t think her eyebrows are that bad.

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