Monday was a haircut kind of day. I made an appointment at Salon 1800, with a Groupon deal I found, one of those same day deals, and fortunately I was not disappointed.

Since I moved from NYC I have not found a salon I like here in Chicago; a place I actually want to go back to. Thanks to Groupon I have been able to try different places at a discounted price, so I haven’t payed a ton to try out places, which unfortunately, I haven’t really liked.

This time it was different. I was met by Liz, the hairstylist, a young, happy, talkative girl, who inquired about my hair and want I wanted done to it, and also about my life. It was nice, she took her time to get it right, and I left happy.

On Monday, Mike also took the boys and Charlotte to the vet to get a much needed grooming. He tried getting photos of Max to me, but you know Max, he doesn’t really like to get his picture taken. If I get a good shot, I’ll post a recent photo. But this is me, and my new hair cut.

I got bangs! The side swept kind. I’m still getting used to them, they seem to keep getting into my eyes, but they do look sort of cute. I think I will be back to see Liz, she definitely did a good job.


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