Spring Break Highlights

I spent most of Spring Break at Mike’s. Aside from working and getting a lot done, I lounged around at his place, cooked, did some housework, and took the dogs for lots of walks.

One day I made shrimp linguine for lunch. Mike came over from work and I had this ready:

It was really good. Another night we went out to eat, we went to Biaggi’s and had this:

This sausage pizza was delicious! I know, I’m still on my Kellogg’s challenge and diet (controlled eating), but this was Saturday night, and we were out on a date night that entailed dinner and a movie, so it was kind of an exception.

After dinner we went to see Friend’s with Kids. It was ok. Somewhat funny at points, and a bit dramatic at others. I loved seeing NYC. I’m missing home these days. The cast is the same from Bridesmaids, more or less, but this movie is more drama than comedy and not as crass as that one.

On Sunday we took the boys to Hammel Woods for a walk. And in the afternoon we went over to Mike’s sister’s place. One of her boys, Henry, was having a birthday. But I’ll save that for another post because I have a lot of photos for that one 😉


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