Spring flowers

It’s spring break, which means, technically we have a week off. I say technically because, as you know, I never really have off off. So I’m at Mike’s, working from his home, while he goes into his office to work. I’ve got a lot done, but I still need to grade some today and get the finished touches ready on my hybrid course to be able to launch it today.

Yesterday though, was not terribly productive. I finished the edits to two book chapters I’ve been working on, had lunch and then took a mini nap. It started raining so I got up to close windows and comfort Charley, who is terrified of thunderstorms and rain, and noticed I had a bad headache. I only had two Dols left (the only thing aside from Parcel, which is now off the market, that works for me), so I tried waiting it out. I thought “it just might go away on its own and I won’t have to use my last 2 pills…”.

But if you know me and my headaches, they never go away on their own, they always need a little kick in the pants. So after a few hours of splitting headache and not being able to do much of anything else, I decided I’d bite the bullet and take the last two pills (I need to remember to keep boxes of those everywhere!) and a long shower, and it got better. Hopefully, I won’t have a repeat today, because I’m out of pills!

In any case my day got much better and was definitely brighten. Mike came home from work baring beautiful spring colored flowers for me.

So now, as I work from the little office I set up for myself on Mike’s coffee table, I have a flowery scent and a pretty cheerful view 🙂

Gotta love him. I’m one lucky gal.


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