Losing the weight

I’ve been trying to diet since the beginning of the year. My goal was, once January hit, I would start a diet (my kind of eating way less and no in between meals snacks), but for some reason every week I started, I kept falling off the wagon only a few days in. So I would lose 2-3 pounds and gain them right back. Well, Sunday I hit a whooping 140 lbs (unheard of in me!) and right them and there I decided that was it!

I usually have cereal for breakfast and while I was standing in the kitchen, eating my cereal, I was also reading the cereal box and decided to take on the Kellogg’s challenge.

So, since Sunday I have been eating cereal and low fat milk for breakfast and dinner (or, like last night, I had low fat yogurt with berries), and then have whatever I want (without going crazy) for lunch; which usually is a sandwich, or some pasta, or leftover Chinese rice with chicken, etc. The key for me is that I am not having anything else between meals. When I get too much of a craving for something sweet, or just too hungry I drink water, lots of water or pop in a sugar free gum. That usually holds me over to the next meal.

It’s not easy, but eating less is the only thing that works for me when I want to lose weight. Mike insists I should be exercising, but I know the drill, I need to lose the weight first and then try toning my body, it just doesn’t work the other way around for me.

I am hungry most of the time. But I’ve also noticed that all the junk I was eating between meals (and sometimes even right after a meal, I was definitely anxious eating and not hungry eating) I can really do without. If I keep myself busy and try obsessing (I guess I am an obsessive-compulsive type) on something other than food, I’m fine. Because all the extra food I was having was not because I was hungry, that I get loud and clear.

I’m also still off coke zero. This is day 22 of no coke or any other diet or regular sodas. I don’t miss it any more, and the headaches I still get are the normal ones in me, and not product of caffeine withdrawal. So you can imagine the amounts of water I am consuming theses days, since it’s the only think I drink. (!)

So today, Thursday, my 5th day of the Kellogg’s challenge, I weigh 134 lbs, which means I’ve lost 6 lbs already! Yay! The goal is 125 lbs, so I still have 9 lbs to go, and I know the first ones go fast and it’s the last ones that give me a run for my money, but still, progress! I’m excited to get up in the morning and weigh myself. Pounds are going down, and I’m keeping my eye on the goal. Wish me luck though, because we all know how tempting potato chips and ice cream can be!


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