I miss Mike. I think everyone misses Mike around here. Charley definitely looks a little sad, and Max could use more mellowing and cuddling (he loves to sleep all over Mike). Charlotte, well, you know cats, can’t really tell much with them, she just sleeps a lot and meows when she’s out of water or wants to be fed, but I think she might miss him too.

I remember stating in a post some time ago, that I would write about all the things I like about Mike at another time. Well, months passed and I never got to it. Not really sure why, maybe because, you know, lack of time, or maybe (this might be the real reason) because I might jinx the whole thing by writing too much about it. Remember the cow? Yeah, I don’t want to be summoning the cow anytime soon here.

But right now, since I miss him so much and let’s be frank, distance does make the heart grow fonder, I thought it just might be fitting to share all the things about Mike I love. In no particular order, I love:

  • The way he gets excited about things and lets it show, no matter where he is or who is watching.
  • The way he smiles, lighting up his entire face, when he really likes something.
  • That he lets me sleep-in while he takes the dogs for an early walk, because he knows I’m not a morning person.
  • That he can talk me off the ledge in a crisis, just by saying “don’t worry, it will take of it’s self”, and it usually does.
  • That he is himself and doesn’t care what other people think.
  • That he kisses me on the back/shoulder, while we spoon, right before we fall asleep.
  • That when we are together it always feels like everything else will be alright.
  • That no matter how moody, crabby, sad, or stressed I am, he waits, giving me time to get over it.
  • That he loves the boys and Charlotte, maybe even more than I do.
  • That he can do all the physical stuff I can’t.
  • That he makes an effort and enjoys things I like, even when he rather to be doing something else.
  • That he’s in the moment, enjoying himself and whomever he is with, without wondering off to daydream land (like I tend to do).
  • That we can pig-out together because neither of us is a health freak.
  • That he is curious about things and is eager to explore at the drop of a hat.
  • The way he looks at me sometimes and says “What’s up?” and we both know what that means.
  • That he listens, and then he fixes it.
  • That he cares about the people he loves, and lets it show.
  • That when we are together things are easy, and I’m relaxed and happy.
  • That sometimes when I glance over and touch him he takes my breath away and I can only smile.

I love all these things about him. And because of all of these things and more, I love him so very much.


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  1. That’s a beautiful post!!!

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