Smells and messes

So what do I come home to after a long day of meetings and grading? This:

Yep, that is pee and footprints all over the bathroom floor! I couldn’t help but be thankful it at least had been done in the bathroom, where one typical pees, and not the living room rug, which has had it, the poor thing.

But that wasn’t all. When I went to put the bathroom mat and other dog-dirty things in the washer, I noticed a sticky, wetish, spot next to the laundry door. “What is this? Another pee spot?” Yep. I cleaned that up too. And then the following morning I found a sticky streak across the kitchen floor. “How could I have missed that last night?!” I thought to myself and cleaned that up as well.

The bathroom mat turned into shreds in the washer, so out to the trash it went. And the apartment now has this distinctive pee smell, that hits you across the face as soon as you walk in. It stincks of pee I tell ya, and I am now paranoid pee is sprinkled all over the place in spots I am completely missing. I want my nice, sweet smelling home back!

But I have a plan. When Mike comes back next week, I’m shipping all the animals over to his place for a while, even Max. And then, then I’ll clean this place up with no mercy, and get it back to it’s nice smelling, typical self. I’m determined I tell you, determined to smell good again!


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